Zitate aus Liedern

Without the pain there'd be no learning,
without the hurting we'd never change.
– Kate Bush, Constellations of the heart
Anxiety - got me on the run
I just need someone
anxiety - can't get nothing done
it spoils all the fun.
– Pat Benatar, Get nervous
Imagine two complete strangers
who suspect they were meant to be
both in need of love and affection
yet their suspicions prevent something heavenly

Fear takes control
fear of the unknown

Aware of what will hurt you
you're prepared to remain this way
so sad yet safe with your afflictions
afraid to start a brand new day.
– Siouxsie and the Banshees, Fear
If I have been unkind
I hope you can just let it go by
if I have been untrue
I hope you know it was never to you.
– Leonard Cohen, Bird on the wire
Friends they come and friends they go
nothing really lasts forever.
– Stella Getz, Friends
The will to give and not receive
The strength to say what you believe
The heart to feel what others feel inside
To see what they can see.
– Boston, To be a man
All I wanna do is have some fun
I've got a feeling I'm not the only one.
– Sheryl Crow, All I wanna do
Heaven is a place on earth.
– Belinda Carlisle, Heaven is a place on earth
Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.
– John Lennon, Beautiful Boy
Life is a strange thing - just when you think you learnt how to use it it's gone.
– Shakespears Sisters, Hello
Don't be sad
life is crazy
life is mad
don't be afraid
– Enigma
Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream
merrily, merrily, merrily
life is but a dream.
And she doesn't want to cry
but she probably will
as she thinks about all of life's mystery
and how slowly the answers unfold.
– Marc Cohn, She's becoming gold
Oh, my life is changing every day
every possible way.
– The Cranberries, Dreams
Oh, the morning sun, it was soft and cool
Oh, the evening breeze it was warm and gold
all together life had started to unfold.
– Chick Corea, Return to forever
How can you say you love me
when you don't even love yourself
you live your life like a jagged knife
just waiting on the shelf.

How can you live for tomorrow
when you curse the night and the day
the minutes pass through the hour glass
as you let them slip away.
– Toto, White Sister
All you touch and all you see
is all your life will ever be.
– Pink Floyd, Breathe
When I look around
I think this, this is good enough
and I try to laugh
at whatever life brings
cuz when I look down
I miss all the good stuff
and when I look up
I just trip over things
– Little Plastic Castle, As is
Im Sturz durch Zeit und Raum
erwacht aus einem Traum
nur ein kurzer Augenblick
dann kehrt die Nacht zurück.
– Nena, Irgendwie irgendwo irgendwann
Ein Wort, nach dem ich jeden Morgen suche
Ein Blick, der sich in deinem Haar verliert
Was mach ich bloß daß du mich einmal ansprichst
Was mach ich bloß daß du mich mal berührst
Wenn nichts passiert, bin ich nicht immer glücklich
Und dennoch kann ich manchmal gar nichts tun
Bei dir hilft auch kein Blödsinn, du hältst die Welt in Atem
Ich kann warten, und besser noch als du.
– Elements of Crime, Ich kann warten
And in my world, and in my world
it's all the same
and nothing's ventured, nothings changed
and nothing's lost and nothing's gained.
– Midnight Oil, Nothing lost - nothing gained
We hurt the ones we love the most.
– Shakespears Sister, I don't care
And you want to travel with her
and you want to travel blind
and you know you can trust her
for she's touched your perfect body
with her mind.
– Leonard Cohen, Suzanne
Days like these no one should be alone
no heart should hide away
her touch is gently conquering my mind
there's nothing words can say.
– Roxette, Vulnerable
I've been waiting
for a girl like you
to come into my life
I've been waiting
for a girl like you
to make me feel alive.
– Foreigner, Waiting for a girl like you
Well we all get hurt by love
and we all have our cross to bear
but in the name of understanding
a problem should be shared.
– Kylie Minogue, Confide in me
You hope she'll change her mind
but the days drift on and on
and you'll never know
why she's gone.
– Gary Moore, Empty rooms
I'm spending my time
watching the days go by
feeling so small
I stare at the wall
hoping that you
think of me too
– Roxette, Spending my time
Kisses sweet and warm embrace
another time, another place.
– UB 40, Higher ground
Your cut was quick and deep but then
you thought you'd never need a friend
but all things change, and tides must turn
and you let all your bridges burn
too many fatal wounds to heal
now you're feeling what I feel
The rest is history
you can do no more to me
I've been down so low
had nowhere left to go
I could see it in your eyes
all your promisese were lies
promises and lies.
– UB 40, Promises and lies
I just like the things you do
don't you change the things you do.
– Slade, Coz I luv you
Stranded here in nothingness
with only tears and loneliness.
– Mariah Carey, And you don't remember
Immer wieder probiere ich
immer wieder vergess ich mich
immer wieder vertraue ich
immer wieder verlieb ich mich
Und es tut immer wieder gut
und es tut immer wieder weh
und es ist irgendwie verrückt
und es ist irgendwie okay.
– Nena, Noch einmal
Love, love, love is a dangerous drug
you have to receive it
and you still can't get enough of the stuff.
– Eurythmics, Love is a stranger
Life is for the living
love is for the giving.
I love to look into your big brown eyes
they talk to me and seem to hypnotize
they say the things nobody dares to say
and I'm not about to let you fly away.
– Aerosmith, Deuces are wild
You're just too good to be true
can't take my eyes off you
you'd be like heaven to touch
I wanna hold you so much.
– Frankie Vali, Can't take my eyes off you
Nothing heals a broken heart
like time, love and tenderness.
– Micheal Bolton, Time, love, and tenderness
Don't you think that you need somebody
don't you think that you need someone
everybody needs somebody
you're not the only one.
– Guns 'n' Roses, November rain
I'm always gonna love you
if loving means forever
I'm always gonna want you
I don't think I could ever
just forget the love we had.
– Gary Moore, Always gonna love you
It's the little things you do
that make me love you.
– Lisa Stansfield, Be mine
Have I told you lately that I love you
have I told you there's no one else above you
you fill my heart with gladness
take away all my sadness
ease my troubles
that's what you do.
– Rod Stewart, Have I told you lately
The miracle of love
will take away your pain
when the miracle of love
comes your way again.
– Eurythmics, The miracle of love
All we have to see
is that I don't belong to you
and you don't belong to me.
– George Michael, Freedom 90
The sun ain't gonna shine anymore
the moon ain't gonna rise in the sky
the tears ain't gonna dry in your eyes
when you're without love.
– Walker Brothers, The sun ain't gonna shine anymore
Deep in my heart I'm concealing
things that I'm longing to say
scared to confess what I'm feeling
frightened you'll slip away.
– Madonna, You must love me
The sky isn't always blue
the sun doesn't always shine
it's alright to fall apart sometimes
I am not always yours
and you are not always mine
it's alright to fall apart sometimes.
– Robert Miles, One & one
And if nobody loves you
and you're feeling like dust on a dusty shelf
just remember
you can love yourself.
– Keb' Mo', You Can Love Yourself
It ain't right with love to share
when you find he doesn't care
for you
It ain't wise to need someone
as much as I depended on
– Bonnie Tyler, It's a heartache
Once there came a storm in the form of a girl
it blew to pieces my snug little world
and sometimes I swear I can still hear her howl
down through the wreckage and the ruins.
– Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Ain't gonna rain anymore
If you touched my heart
you might be surprised
you'd be paralysed

If you touched my heart
a truth might lie disguised
you'd be paralysed.
– Siouxsie and the Banshees, Little sister
Confidence has deserted me, with you it has forsaken me
Confused and rejected, despised and alone, I kiss isolation on its fevered brow
Now I leave you, the past has had its say
You're all but forgotten, a mote in my heart
Decisions have been made
I've conquered my fears, the flaming shroud.
– Marillion, The Web
Love is holy, don't forget it
It will heal you, if you let it
Love will strip you, leave you naked
Love is sexy, love is sacred.
– Kim Wilde, Love is holy
Love is a shield,
to hide behind,
love is a field
to grow inside,
and when I sometimes close my eyes
my mind starts spinning round.

Love is a baby
in a mother's arms,
love is your breath
which makes me warm,
and when I sometimes close my eyes,
my mind starts spinning round.


But nothing is quite forever
especially staying together.
– Camouflage, Love is a shield
Wenn ich dachte, ich tu alles für sie
war alles was ich tat für mich irgendwie.
– Die Fantastischen Vier, Sie ist weg
So here I am once more in the playground of the broken hearts
one more experience, one more entry in a diary, self-penned
yet another emotional suicide overdosed on sentiment and pride
too late to say I love you, too late to restage the play
abandoning the relics in my playground of yesterday.
– Marillion, Script for a jester's tear
Wie es kommt und auf welche Weise
weiß man nicht -
doch auf jeden Fall leise.
– Stefan Stoppok, Leise
In that tenderness I am floating away
No certainty, nothing to rely on
Holding still for a moment
What a moment this is
Oh for a moment of forgetting
A moment of bliss.
– Peter Gabriel, Blood of Eden
With a little smile on your face the world is changing.
You can't get what you want
'til you know what you want.
– Joe Jackson
why don't you come to your senses
come down from your fences
open the gate
it may be raining
but there's a rainbow above you
you better let somebody love you
before it's too late.
– The Eagles, Desperado
I believe there comes a time
when everything just falls in line
we live and learn from our mistakes
the deepest cuts are healed by fate.
– Pat Benatar, All fired up
I cannot live I cannot die
I wanna know who the hell am I.
– Scorpions, Woman
You can't always get what you want
you can't always get what you want
but if you try sometimes
you just might find
you get what you need.
– Rolling Stones, You can't always get what you want
Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.
– Madonna, Justify my love
You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.
– Janet Jackson, Got 'til it's gone
Is your heart so heavy
that it weighs you down
so all you have is time
don't turn away
we've both seen darker days
and there's always a light that shines.
– Alison Moyet, Find me
I wonder now how I lived before
deaf, dumb, dead, and blind
I moved my life forward and I'm never goin' back
and I've left you far behind.
– Biohazard, Disease
All I ever wanted
all I ever needed
was here in my arms
words are very
they can only do harm.
– Depeche Mode, Enjoy the silence
Facts are simple and facts are straight
facts are lazy and facts are late
facts all come with points of view
facts don't do what I want them to.
– Talking Heads, Crosseyed & Painless
I'd sail across the ocean
I'd walk a hundred miles
if I could make it to the end
oh just to see a smile.
– Iron Maiden, Childhood's end
Stop asking questions that don't matter anyway.
Just give us a kiss to celebrate here today.
– Pulp, Something changed
See me,
feel me,
touch me,
heal me!
– The Who, Christmas
I am what I am
and what I am
needs no excuses.
– Gloria Gaynor, I am what I am
I am the one and only
nobody I'd rather be
I am the one and only
can't take that away from me.
– Chesney Hawkes, The one and only
Be yourself no matter what they say.
– Sting, Englishman in New York
Whenever I fall I land on my feet.
– Shakespears Sisters, I don't care
Express yourself, don't repress yourself.
– Madonna, Express yourself
Whatever it may bring
I will live by my own policies
I will sleep with a clear conscience
I will sleep in peace.
– Sinead O'Connor, Emperor's new clothes
Come on and shine
shine like a star
shining so bright
like the star that you are
shine into the future
spreading your light
wherever you are.
– Aswad, Shine
You can walk on the water
shine like a diamond
ring the bells of fortune
if you dare
you can make any move
that you want to make
take everything that you can
if you dare
Just think the world is in your hands.
– Culture Beat, World in your hands
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't change
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference.
– Sinead O'Connor, Feel so different
You don't know what they will say
You probably've to do it your own way
You don't know what they will see
Absolutely nothing! - Probably!

You don't know what they will do
No one ever knows, you don't know too
You don't know what they will say
You probably don't need another way
– Fool's Garden, Probably
Ich liebe mich, denn ich bin immer für mich da
Ich liebe mich, ich frage mich und sage ja
Ich liebe mich, ich liebe mich, gelegentlich.
– Basis, Ich liebe mich
There is a star
there must be one
whatever you wish
it will be done
and if you believe
the star's always shining
– Pharao, There is a star
Well, we all fall in love
but we disregard the danger
though we share so many secrets
there are some we never tell.
– Billy Joel, The Stranger
Honesty is such a lonely word
every one is untrue
honesty is hardly ever heard
and mostly what I need from you.
– Billy Joel, Honesty
And every hour of every day I'm learning more
the more I learn the less I know about before
the less I know the more I want to look around
digging deep for clues on higher ground.
– UB 40, Higher ground
Ruhe, das höchste Glück auf Erden,
kommt sehr oft nur durch Einsamkeit in das Herz.
– Schiller, Ruhe
While I took for granted, you took your time
longing for love oh how we tried
it's over now that's understood
but wasn't it good?
– Tina Arena, Wasn't it good
What have you done today to make you feel proud?
– Heather Small, Proud
I have spent too many nights
wondering what wrong did I do.
Was it something I said
or did my silence haunt you?
– Soraya, Avalanche
Walk with me now under the stars
For it's a clear and easy pleasure
And be happy in my company
For I love you without measure
– Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Sweetheart come
Auferstanden aus Ruinen
Und der Zukunft zugewandt,
Lass uns dir zum Guten dienen,
Deutschland, einig Vaterland.
Alte Not gilt es zu zwingen,
Und wir zwingen sie vereint,
Denn es muss uns doch gelingen,
Dass die Sonne schön wie nie
Über Deutschland scheint.
– Johannes R. Becher, Auferstanden aus Ruinen (1. Strophe) [Nationalhymne Deutsche Demokratische Republik]
Dein Leben dreht sich nur im Kreis,
so voll von weggeworfner Zeit,
und deine Träume schiebst du endlos vor dir her.
Du willst noch leben, irgendwann,
doch wenn nicht heute, wann denn dann?
Denn irgendwann ist auch ein Traum zu lange her.
– Wolfsheim, Kein Zurück
Lying in a mother's arms
The primal root of a woman's charms
– Sting, Sister Moon
A beach is a place where a man can feel
He's the only soul in the world that's real
– The Who, Bell Boy
do you know why we never get emotional?
on the surface silently we float
deeper down nobody dares to go
– Mic Donet, Rise and Shine
one little bit of you each and every day
a bit is enough to keep the doctors away
my cure is your heart of gold
warming my soul whenever i'm cold
– Mic Donet, Addicted
Where do you go when you go quiet?
– Beyonce, Lemonade (Video)
Maybe I waited for you
Maybe you waited for me
Everyone's waiting
For someone to save them
– Anna Ternheim, Everyone's Waiting