Zitate von Anne Clark

White Silence

taking tiny steps
putting pressure on the ice
watch the whiteness spread
then disappear when I move on
cautious steps in heavy boots

walking on ahead
you pause to catch a moment
see winter wrap the world
in a veil of white silence

this place -
where the earth gives the illusion
it has stopped turning

warmth fires the colours
turning burning orange
sparks off light
shining in our eyes
– Anne Clark
Empty me

Now that all is stilled and silenced
that the rushing roaring daylight
has lost itself -
its hysteria
in the all-amassing night -
I too gently lose myself
beyond the open window
where a journey unfolds
into the city of rain

Music's never made such living sounds
absorbing the night's rhythm
the walls resonate with a thousand tiny drums
soft shards of liquid glass dance on metal pipes
mixing dust and dirt and grime
into a shining lubricating all-consuming oil
some drop away barely making contact
each bursting on impact
into a fountain in the air
dribbling off the lips of window ledges
splashing silver splinters in the blackness
scales of lifted paint turn to almost living flesh
smearing - it slides and streams into an opening
in the underworld below
a multitude of rivers comes alive
revealing secret routes
where the trapped earth breathes
yellow streetlight breaks its beam accross the water
electric currents hum, steaming in the dampness
cascades carry me away
wash away the tiredness
cool the fetid air

I turn to where you're sleeping
gently swimming through these hours
on to morning - unaware
and even though I know
all of this will rise and disappear
with the dawn into the sky
tonight everything glistens -
like a jewel under the rain
tonight the city is silenced -
lost under the storm.
– Anne Clark
A poem cannot heal a wound
Books won't help you find
That something which you're searching for
But just add questions to the mind.
– Anne Clark, Poet's Turmoil Number 364
Hundesley Beach

When you left I went to the sea
And started walking
And walked and walked some more
Hoping somehow the sand
Giving way beneath my feet
Would slowly soak me up
And swallow me up whole,
Made as we are of so much water,
Or at least draw out
And soak up all the pain
That in the confines of my body
Swims inside my blood,
And leave me dry and still
Upon its surface
Upon the beach
Wind blown
Sun bleached

Even now it's not sunk in

Outside of us both
Precious broken love
Escapes into the air
Meeting reversed
I carry on walking
And I'm walking on the sand
On the sand beside the sea
Naked on the beach
Love dies
Grain by grain
Moment by moment
Belief and understanding die also
Moment by moment
Star by star.
– Anne Clark
The Key

I'm so tired of myself
And so tired of everything and everyone else
I can't think
I can't sleep
When you come it goes so deep
Don't make promises you can't keep

Stroke me
Caress me
Make love instead of fire burn and bless me

I'm so tired in my soul
And I can't conceal it
There's a warmth in your eyes
And I need to feel it
There's a cure somewhere
And you can reveal it.
– Anne Clark